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The purpose of NELGA (Network of Excellence for Land Governance in Africa) is to enhance the role of selected African Universities and academic institutions in support of land policy development, implementation and monitoring. NUST was selected as a NELGA node for Southern Africa, because of its proven leadership and track record in academic education, training and research on land governance in the Department of Land and Property Sciences (DLPS) and Institute for Land, Livelihoods and Housing (ILLH).


DAAD Scholarship Programme

The NELGA scholarship program aims to support Master and PhD studies as well as short-term trainings for young candidates, mid-career professionals and researchers.

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Background Information 

Dr. Solomon's academic journey was highlighted, showcasing his remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of land governance. After graduating with honors from Bahir Dar University with a BSc in Land Administration, Dr. Solomon continued his academic pursuit, obtaining an MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, followed by a PhD from Bahir Dar University.

Notably, Dr. Solomon's doctoral studies were financially supported by DAAD through NELGA, allowing him to conduct research visits at prestigious institutions like the Technical University of Munich in Germany and attend a summer school at Leipzig University. His dedication to research resulted in the presentation of his findings at various international and national conferences, along with the publication of four articles in esteemed science-indexed journals. Currently, Dr. Solomon has been admitted to a groundbreaking Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, marking a significant milestone in his career. This fellowship aims to promote demand-driven research and enhance science communication on land governance while fostering collaboration among African universities. Dr. Solomon's continued dedication to advancing knowledge in his field is poised to make a meaningful impact on the academic landscape.



Dr. Solomon shared insights into why he chose to pursue his postdoctoral research at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). Impressed by NUST's exceptional infrastructure, particularly highlighted on their website, Dr. Solomon decided to affiliate with the Department of Land and Spatial Sciences, renowned for its excellence in land governance education and research. He expressed gratitude towards Professor Chigbu, who provided crucial support during the application process, ultimately securing Dr. Solomon's admission.

Upon arrival, Dr. Solomon received a warm welcome from NUST's department staff, with Professor Chigbu ensuring he was well-acquainted with the facilities. Dr. Solomon was promptly provided with office space and resources, formalizing his role as a postdoctoral researcher.

Reflecting on his experience, Dr. Solomon expressed appreciation for the extensive support received from various department members, including Malcon, the faculty coordinator. Malcon guided Dr. Solomon through a comprehensive tour of essential facilities, facilitating a smooth transition.

Dr. Solomon emphasized his gratitude towards NUST, acknowledging the assistance provided by key individuals like Prof. Chigbu, Ms. Elvena, Mr. Philip, and Mr. Malcon, both before and after his arrival. Their unwavering support has been instrumental during his transition period at NUST.