How to become a NELGA partner

NELGA is a partnership of leading African Universities and research institutions, which have proven leadership and track record in academic education, training and research in land governance. The purpose of the NELGA is to enhance the role of selected African universities and academic institutions in support of land policy development, implementation and monitoring. Currently NELGA has more than 50 partner institutions across Africa, which were identified through a comprehensive mapping study.

For better coordination of NELGA in the different regions, a lead university has been selected for each AU region (so called “Regional Nodes”) to implement and coordinate NELGA activities jointly with other NELGA institutions. NUST as a regional node for SADC has the responsibility to identify partner universities and research institutions based on set criteria’s stated above in collaboration with other NELGA institutions (e.g. GIZ-SLGA and LPI). (see NELGA factsheet for more details)