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Good Land Governance Key to Sustainable Development

by Theodor Muduva

Property Crowd-Funding, an alternative to Housing Finance

by Uaurika Kahireke

Could Namibia Be Headed For A Housing Bubble?

by Sam Mwando

Is Your House An Asset Or Liability?

by Verinjaerako Kangotue

Who Owns Namibia's Communal Lands?

by Theodor Muduva

Property Taxes A Potential Revenue Stream For Smaller Towns

by Verinjaerako Kangotue

Land Dispossession and Ancestral Land Claims

by Mutjinde Katjiua

Expropriation-To Compensate or Not?

by Wolfgang Werner

Land Conference and the Land Question

by Wolfgang Werner

All illegal fences in Namibia must fall

by Theodor Muduva

Communal Lands Appeal Tribunal-Judicial or Investigative?

by Theodor Muduva

Postpone The Second National Land Conference

by Wolfang Werner

Land Appeal Tribunals Give Access to Justice

by Theodor Muduva

Partnering With the Private Sector in Small-scale Farming

by Wolfgang Werner

Sustainable Development Goals and Tenure Security in Namibia

by ASE Christensen

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